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How to Create Google Map API Key?

Displaying Google maps on your business website can increase the overall professional outlook of your website.

Integrating Google maps into your website is easy and getting a Google Maps API key is even more easier and desirable.

With Google map API keys, you get a chance to make an attractive map with street views, routes, places, distances, elevation , geocoding, and much more.

What Is An API Key?

API key (Application Programming Interface Key) is a unique identifier used to authenticate a project with the API.

You get the following with a Google Map API Key:

  • Access and utilize regional location data
  • Gives you access to excellent documents like guides, tutorials, projects, tags, issue tracker, and much more
  • Provides cross-platform Google maps URL solution for launching maps and initiating actions
  • Create custom maps with excellent styling tools
  • Generate 3D objects on your map
  • Helps you track on-demand rides and delivery tracking
  • Record the number of views of the map on your website
  • Avail free quota of Google Map queries.

Simple Steps To Create Google API key On Your Own

Here are few quick and simple steps to generate an API key on your free from Google:

Step 1.
Click on this link and you will be directed to the Google Cloud Platform.

PS: Make sure you are signed in to your Google Account beforehand.

Step 2. Now, you have to create a Project.

Click on ‘My First project’

Click on ‘New Project’ to create your project.

Name your project and click ‘CREATE’.

Step 3. Now, go to APIs and Services on the navigation menu and choose ‘Library’ from the options.

Step 4. Choose the Maps section and click ‘view all 17’ and you will get a list of maps displayed.

Step 5. Enable the following libraries one by one.

  • Google Javascript API
  • Google Place API
  • Google Direction API
  • Google Geolocation API
  • Google Geocoding API

Step 6. Go to APIs and Services in the navigation bar and click on ‘Credentials’.

Again, click on ‘Create Credentials’ on the page.

Step 7. Click on the API key and your API key is created!

Click on ‘Restrict Key’ so that the API generated is only restricted to you and no one else can use it.

Step 8. Choose ‘HTTP referrers’ as we are using it for websites.

Under website restrictions, insert your domain and Save it.

Step 9. After saving, you can see your API key present in the API keys section.

Step 10: To start professionally using the Google API key, you have to enable the billing option.

You can use the API key in your WordPress plugin and other platforms.

This is an easy way to generate your google API key to enhance the total outlook of your website.

How To Find Google API Key?

Now that you have generated your Google API key, you might be wondering how to find your API key.

Here is how you can find it anytime:

Step 1: Log in to your Google API Console
Step 2: Navigate to the APIs & Services > Credentials Page
Step 3: Locate your Maps API Key in the list of Credentials


As you have understood how easy it is to generate your Google API key for free from Google, it is better to get started now for your business.

Having a Google map API key is very desirable if you have industrial or service businesses like delivery and on-demand ride businesses.

Even though there are many competitors for Google Maps API like Apple Maps, Bing Maps, and many others, Google is still the most dominant and desirable API key Service Provider.

Get a Google API key for free now and unlock features that can elevate the overall outlook of your website.

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