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10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Still The Best CMS

What Is WordPress ?

WordPress has been an open source or self-hosted CMS (content management system) since 2003. The New York Post WordPress is just one of the site builders and content management systems that users can download and install for free, but it has some unique features that make it the most popular content management system. WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms, and it allows you to build and manage your own full website using just your web browser without having to learn to code. If you’ve used a text editor like Microsoft Word before, you’ll be familiar with the WordPress editor. WordPress competes with Wix, Squarespace, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Weebly, etc.

1. Essay to Install and Setup

WordPress has a simple one-click installation with no coding required. It is Created For Both Beginners And Professions, so the setup and Installation is effortless.

3. Economical and Affordable 

WordPress is free to download and use. However, to use WordPress on the web, you will need WordPress hosting. The additional cost can be commercial WordPress themes, also known as premium WordPress themes However, you don’t have to use them because there are over 6000 free WordPress themes that you can use.

3. Mobile Friendly

Now, the Number of smartphone users has increased rapidly. WordPress plugin Helps You to Make your site mobile friendly. There are plenty of WordPress mobile plugins to help you add a mobile-friendly interface to your website when viewed on a phone or tablet. This is especially useful if your website theme has not yet been optimized for mobile phones.

4. Easy to Implement AMP & PWA

Fast loading websites offer better user experience and more traffic.AMP(Accelerated Mobile Page) is one of the most popular Mobile-Friendly plugins. AMP & PWA Plugins are easy to use on WordPress, even if you are a technical expert or not. AMP generates  your website faster for Mobile visitors. This helps to improve the browsing experience while boosting rankings in search engines. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) is a new, revolutionary technology which makes your website into a web application and gives your user’s a native mobile app-like experience.

5. Greatest for Blogging

WordPress is the perfect choice for personal or professional blogging. The majority of the bloggers are now using this platform. WordPress has gained a reputation as the best ideal blogging platform. Choosing it to build your website results in a blog included by default. Plus, it brings a range of blogging features like tags, plugins, widgets, categories, etc. all on its own!


WordPress is acutely SEO-friendly from the outset. Google and the other search engines don’t actually care which CMS your website uses. Google does not concern which CMS you choose to build and maintain your site, it will care about the outcome of all your SEO work. SEO can get technical, but WordPress makes it easy, you dot to be an expert in coding. Knowledge of  basic SEO tips helps you to  optimize your site and get  you a noticeable boost in your website traffic.

7. Fully Customizable

Different types of websites will need different features and a unique look. WordPress has the easiest way to customize your website. WordPress allows for complete customization of website  Themes, database, plugins, and more. There is no coding necessary, but also you can do coding. 

8. Plugins and Themes

WordPress’ plugins are pre-packaged pieces of code created by developers in the WordPress community. They are basically add-ons that extend the functionality of a WordPress site. There are over 55,000+ plugins in WordPress official. Plugins can be activated or deactivated and uninstalled as needed as a site emerges. A WordPress theme is a tool used to change the layout and design of your website. Themes customize the look of your website, including layout, typography, colour, and other design elements.

9. Community Support 

The developers in the WordPress community are very active and provide new updates for the services and features at frequent intervals. You will be immediately notified via your administration panel. Also, WordPress help is easy to find Because WordPress is so popular, it’s easy to find help if you ever have a problem. There are a lot of Blogs, Tutorials, Forums, Facebook groups and Developers available.

10. Flexible 

WordPress is apparently the most flexible CMS on the internet today. Whether you are a programmer, coder or a non-coder with no experience, WordPress will allow you to get a website up on the internet, live, in no time. You can choose your own theme or create your own website. There is no need to write code to get most of the functions your website requires.

WordPress Statistics 2022

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, powering 43.2% of all websites on the internet. Now, WordPress was the fastest-growing CMS platform.

Data source w3 Techs

  • WordPress powers 14.7% of the world’s top websites
  • WordPress has a 60.8% market share in the CMS market
  • 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce
  • The latest version of WordPress has been downloaded over 54 m times
  • The top 8 most popular plugins each has over 5 million active installations
  • Yoast SEO has the most active installations and five-star ratings WordPress plugin
  • Less than half of all users have updated to the latest version of WordPress
  • Divi is the most popular WordPress theme
  • There Are More Than 1.1 Million New WordPress Domains Every Six Months
  • WordPress Covers 90% of Google Crawling Issues

(Data source w3 Techs)


Now you know the benefits of WordPress, what are your next steps?

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