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How to Integrate Google Map On HubSpot Website?

Google Map On HubSpot Website

HubSpot is the must go place for building websites with flexible themes and modules. You will be able to build a website that attracts and engages users with HubSpot website development services.

The HubSpot Website gives you pre-build website themes, SEO recommendations, and excellent modules that you can integrate easily with your website by just drag and drop method. You will find some attractive modules for integrating into your website from HubSpot Asset Marketplace. The modules on adding banners, Google maps, Landing Pages can redefine the look of your website.

There are various reasons why you need to integrate maps into your website. The map will help users to visualize the business world and will help in bringing credibility and trust to the business.

Make your maps graphic rich and accurate. The customized map will help the customers see the value of your business. The custom-made solutions can show off your business integrity.

The interactive and user responsive maps in your website can redefine the total outlook of your website for every user that lands on your page.

Getting the latest Google map module for your website is therefore much desirable.

Why you should Integrate Your Map On Husbspot Website?

If you are building a website with HubSpot, there are options for making it more attractive by downloading excellent themes, and modules from HubSpot itself.

Some of the basic modules are absolutely free and this makes building websites from HubSpot platform even more appealing.

Integrating Google map modules into your HubSpot is very easy and the functionalities and features you get are plenty.

There are excellent choices of Google maps module available from Evoque platform in the HubSpot Asset Marketplace.

You get the following benefits if you get your Google map module from the Evoque platform :

  • Free modules: Basic Google map themes like a single location pointer map are available for free.
  • Interactive map: You can buy tailor-made maps suitable for you from the Evoque platform. It gives you a wide range of choices.
  • Interactive maps have options for zooming in and out, generate reports, and include many visualising effects
  • No coding skills needed: If you have to integrate Google maps in your website , you might need coding skills to do it or if your need is adding an interactive map, the effort increases.
  • With the Evoque Google Map module, you simply have to paste the module of the Google Map you have downloaded into your page.
  • Mobile friendly: The modules are all Device-friendly and you don’t have to optimise it for mobile phones.
  • 100% responsive: The modules are highly responsive with a greater user enhance design.
  • Easy to integrate: You just have to download it and integrate it directly from the website in a very few steps.

Why Evoque Google Map Modules Are The Best?

The Evoque Google map offers the best Google map modules with great functionalities and features that work well with websites, landing pages, and blogs.

These Google map modules can be well integrated with your HubSpot Website.

Evoque Google map module offers basic map layout for free. The basic module comes with features for changing color to grey, option to add Google iframe, and is 100% responsive. and its an five star rated module on HubSpot Asset Market Place.

You can also download the latest version of Evoque Google map with advanced features from the HubSpot AssetMarketplace.

The upgraded versions offer features that make Evoque Multiple Locations Map an excellent choice. You get the following features with upgraded Module:

  • Add Multiple Location Map
  • Multiple location Pointer Functionality
  • Google Map iframe
  • Highly Customizable
  • Mobile Friendly
  • 24*7 Support
  • Space Adjust Option
  • Drag and Drop UI/UX
  • Customizable Location Pointer

Simple Steps To Integrate Google Map Into Your Website:

The integration can be done in 10 easy-to-do steps:

  • Download your favourite Evoque Google Map module from HubSpot Asset Marketplace.
  • Open your Website editor in HubSpot Platform.
  • Search for modules and select the Google map module you have downloaded.
  • Drag and drop the module.
  • The Module settings will show up in the left side with default settings.
  • Go to Google Maps and find your location on map..
  • Select your Destination and Select Share.
  • Copy the Embed Code.
  • Paste the new Embed Code.(Don’t forget to delete the default code)
  • Change all settings according to your need like colour, space, and then finally preview your google map.

The Evoque Google map modules helps you add features in a very simple way.

All the HubSpot modules available from Imagino in the HubSpot Asset Marketplace are excellent and come with the latest features.

(For any queries or issues in integration of HubSpot modules into your HubSpot website or any HubSpot Services, feel free to Contact us)

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