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How to get Google Social Login API Key

Google sign-in allows your site visitors to log in through Google in one click. Before you can integrate Google sign-in into your website, you need to create a Google client ID and Client Secret. Adding Google sign-in to your site helps save time for your customers.

The Client ID is a public identifier of your application and Client Secret is confidential and should only be used to authenticate your application

Following are the simple steps that can help you get your Google Client ID and Client Secret:

Note: To generate Google Client ID and Client Secret, you must be signed in to a Google account

Steps to get Google Client ID and Client Secret

1. Go to the Google Developers Console

2. Navigate to the tab create a new project

Give a project name and click on create.
Here is you can see the project description you can see the project name, project ID, and project number

3. Then click APs and service

4. Go for Credentials

5. Now, go to create API key

So select create Credentials, then API key
Now The API Key is created, then you can copy and save it after that, close it.

6. Back to Credentials

7. Then give your domain name

Then put your email address for Google to notify you about any changes to your projects after that Save and continue

8. Step 2 save and continue

9. Test users

Here if you add users then that users can only access the App then Save and continue

10. Back to dashboard

11. Click on create Credential go for OAuth Client ID

12. now select the application type

Select the Web application

13. Then give a name to identify the user

14. Add your URL for JavaScript you can also add multiple URLs

Then under copy-paste the same URL
Click create

15. Finally, As you can see our OAuth Client ID is created, here is the client ID and client secret


Now you know how easy to get Client ID and Client Secret. Both the Client ID and Client Secret are needed to confirm your applications, so keep them secret and safe. Do not share your access tokens with anyone, and do not pass them in the URL when making URI query-string parameters, or post in support forums, chat, etc.

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