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How To Generate Google reCAPTCHA API Key

Why do you need reCAPTCHA on your site?

reCAPTCHA is owned by Google in 2007.CAPTCHA prevents any automated scripts or bots from spamming your website. Spammers and bots are the biggest worries of website owners! This is because Spammers and bots can easily interfere with website quality and performance, which will affect the website’s work, so CAPTCHA is the best solution for that. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Human Apart. reCAPTCHA helps you to differentiate fake traffic from real traffic.

Steps to create Google reCAPTCHA API Key on your own

Now you know how important is google reCAPTCHA for websites.CAPTCHAs are easy to implement and provide solid protection.

  1. Log in to reCAPTCHA

Click on this link,, and you will be directed to the Google reCAPTCHA homepage and browse to the top of the screen. Go to the blue V3 Admin console button on the upper right-hand side of the page

3. Label

Give a name on the label, it will help you to identify the site in the future

3. Select reCAPTCHA types

Then you have to select the reCAPTCHA type here we have two types Recaptchav3 and Recaptchav2

reCAPTCHA v3 is the latest one there the user doesn’t have to click anywhere for reCAPTCHA, it automatically verifies does it’s a robot or a human.

Then Recaptchav2 is the normal one there are 3 sub-versions, I am not a robot check box, invisible reCAPTCHA badge, and reCAPTCHA android .for the website mostly uses I am not a robot checkbox.

4. Add domain name

After selecting reCAPTCHA types Then add your domain, you can also give multiple domains there

5. Accept reCAPTCHA terms of services

6. Then click on submit

7. Site key and secret key

You will be then presented with the next screen

Now our google reCAPTCHA is done. Here you can copy the site key, secret key, and easily embed the HTML code of your server.

The wrap-up

As you know The hacking attacks going to the next level, most websites have become more vigilant to shield every possible cyber-attack so don’t take any chance to be a victim.

Now you know how easy to implement a reCAPTCHA, so go ahead and secure your websites from Spammers and bots.

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