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Donation Button: 6 Best Ways To Accept Donation

What is a donation button?

A donation button, or donate button, is a quick way for people to donate on a non-profit’s website or other online fundraising platforms. Donation buttons are not only for non-profit websites, but also use platforms like YouTube, Google, and even Facebook. Including donation buttons on these additional platforms is a great way to encourage giving from people who are already engaged with your content and who may feel more compelled to donate as a result.

Benefits of adding a donation button on your non-profit website

Donate buttons are crucial for driving conversions to your non-profit. Today, the average human attention span is about 8 seconds so to turn website visitors into donors, it’s crucial to make it as convenient and quick as possible for them to donate before their attention turns elsewhere. The donation button makes an easy pathway for the audience where they can finalize their donation.

The Best Ways To Collect Donations Online

  • Own a donation page

A donation page is a web page on your organization’s website that contains donation information, details about your mission, and donation form for collecting data and including financial information. While designing a donation form, it must be engaging and informative for the audience.

  • Integrate the donation form on your website

There are two options for collecting donations through the website, you can create a separate web page, or you can embed the form directly on your website. We recommend embedding your donation form directly on your website. This helps visitors and donors stay on your site longer and feel more comfortable donating.

  • Pick the right payment method

To accept online donations, you need to embed a payment processor into your form or website. The most popular platforms for accepting online are donations, PayPal, Razorpay, Stripe, etc. Both PayPal and Stripe offer discounts for non-profits, making it easier for you to collect a higher percentage of your donations compared to other payment providers. Always choose the payment method that has accept donations via debit cards, credit cards, and net banking. Imagino donation forms make it easy for your donors to donate via any payment gateway that you wish to add your donation button.

  • Automate the distribution of donation receipts

Try to distribute donation receipts so that everyone who donates gets a receipt for the amount donated. Because it gives donors the certainty that their donations have arrived in good hands. Since there are many scams online, people generally don’t want to donate online. Many of them fear online scams, so it is very important to make your donators feel safe. It also helps your donors claim their tax benefits. Don’t forget to include your non-profit registration number on your donation receipt.

  • Segment your donor list

Donor segmentation is the process of dividing your NGO supporters into groups based on the qualities and common traits they share. Segmentation creates more personalized conversations and communications between your organization and your supporters. This method is used to create personalized interactions and communications with supporters who value and prefer general messages.

  • Promote your donation form

Social media is the fast and cheapest way to promote your donation form. So the chain of your great concern reaches the maximum. You can easily show your NGOs performance and credibility to the audience through social media, it will help you to make donors trust your NGO and do donations without any confusion.

Ways to make your donation button stand out

When creating a donation button for your organization, it’s important to keep these points in mind

  • Design

Choose a clear, easy-to-read font, one eye-catching color, and a simple phrase like “Donate,” “Make a Donation,” or “Donate Now.” Give it room to breathe by physically setting it apart from other buttons and links.

  • Position

Place your donate button in a location that doesn’t change when a user browses your site. So you can link to your donation page from various places on your website. When deciding where to place your donation button, you want to make sure it is above the fold to effectively draw attention and action. This location is prime. Make it easy to find. Donors should never have to search for your donation button. Position your button where supporters can find it within seconds of visiting your page


A donation button is an important part of every non-profit’s fundraising website. Online fundraising saves your non-profit precious time and resources that you would otherwise spend managing physical donation forms. If you want to create an effective donation button for your non-profit website or have any doubts, feel free to contact us

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