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The Best Features Of HubSpot CMS

What is HubSpot CMS?

HubSpot is the best business automation tool that supports inbound marketing. CMS is the best platform if you want to bring your website and marketing activities together. The feature-rich content management tool will help grow your business and provide a fully integrated, easy-to-use solution for all marketers. The HubSpot website platform is also a great choice for ecommerce businesses and those that implement inbound marketing. The CMS is great for capturing leads as well as reporting web traffic data, so you can increase sales and gain insight into your customer and audience analysis.

Here are 8 best features of the HubSpot CMS that will help you spend less time managing your system and more time creating a better experience for your customers.


  • SEO

HubSpot includes SEO strategy tools to help you effectively structure your content around your core topics. These built-in tools help you find, plan, and execute the right topic groups and pillar pages for your audience, while providing thematic reports to track your content’s performance. This feature is invaluable in ensuring that resources are used to develop the content that your audience is actively seeking, as well as the content that will be converted.

It offers topic suggestions based on relevance, competition, and popularity, so you can make content decisions based on real data and answer questions your prospects want answered. This insight also allows you to position your services to deliver the solutions that your target audience needs, thereby bringing them to your website.

  • Security

Connecting your website through HubSpot CMS automatically uses several strategies to ensure that you and your visitors are always protected. HubSpot’s CMS is configured to work automatically through their CDN (Content Delivery Network), ensuring that your web pages load quickly, no matter where your users are in the world. About 47% of visitors expect to wait a maximum of 2 seconds for a website to load. A safe and fast loading page is seen as cheaper by SEO and keeps your visitors from clicking in frustrated ways due to loading time.

  • Google AMP Support

HubSpot CMS has support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) By utilizing special markup language on your pages, Google will load these pages extremely fast, ranking them higher than non-AMP pages in its search engine. Enabling AMP on your blog or on specific blog posts takes only a minute or two, and you won’t have to mark up your pages manually.

  • Responsive Design

One of the main reasons developers love the CMS is the HubSpot Design Manager. The drag and drop tool is the most revered, but you can also use the design manager to customize the look of your page on a mobile device.

  • A/B Tests

One place where HubSpot CMS really shines is in its basic belief in A/B testing. However, your website is only one of your greatest assets if you use it correctly. A slight change to your website can impact the number of leads you generate. HubSpot’s A / B testing and adaptive testing capabilities allow users to test different variations of their website or landing pages to ensure that their website is always performing at its best. Testing features use machine learning, so you can spend your time elsewhere while HubSpot does all the work.

  • Smart content

Smart content is the site’s ability to deliver different content in specific areas of the page depending on the visitor. With smart content, you can create smart call-to-actions (CTAs) and smart forms. In other words, you can personalize your content as far as what CTAs appear for specific customers or what information customers must fill out on forms.

  • Analytics

One of the most important steps in building and managing a website is after you hit publish, that is monitoring and maintenance. Once all the work of building a page is done, it’s time to measure how well your pages are performing. With HubSpot’s CMS tools, you can report on your website traffic, overall page performance, and even contact conversion rates. For example, if you focus on traffic analysis, you can see where your visitors are coming from. This can help you figure out where to spend more time and where to pick up some extra effort.

  • Publishing

Popular CMS alternatives like WordPress often require additional software or plugins in order to publish or communicate on different channels. In HubSpot, you can create campaigns through your CMS and post content through social media, email, and your blog.

Over to you

Although you have to pay for the HubSpot CMS, it gives you a bulk of skills and features to get you going with your business and HubSpot also has a dedicated development team, it will continue to provide support and services.
At Imagino, our developers also HubSpot Certified, they have your back. Still, if you have any queries fell free to contact us. We want to make HubSpot work for you.