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6 Proven Ways To Grow Your E-commerce Business In India

India has experienced online stores and shopping growth in the last several years. Many business owners hope to launch and succeed in their own profitable e-commerce businesses. But only a small number of them can set out a plan for success and achieve their objectives.

Why is it challenging to expand an e-commerce business in India? Have you considered what it would take for your e-commerce business to develop and constantly produce positive outcomes?

We’ve gathered five tried-and-true techniques that many e-commerce businesses have successfully used.

Tips For Growing Your B2B E-commerce Business In India

So how can you interact with customers while improving operations to meet rising demand? Here are some tips for growing your B2B e-commerce website and being competitive in the current market.

1. Select A Scalable B2B E-Commerce Platform

No consumer in a B2B business wants to visit a B2B eStore that is suffering downtime, especially with the increased competition. Even the smallest delay might result in significant business losses due to the complicated buying procedure and the involvement of numerous workers. A scalable e-commerce platform can significantly reduce downtime-related losses. Many e-commerce platforms available in the market provide scalable infrastructure. In some cases, these platforms also offer surge protection SLAs.

2. Social Media Marketing

A significant factor in developing and improving brand recognition and customer experience is social media. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are India’s most effective social media platforms. While individuals upload the vast majority of the content, brands also participate. Brands can find, produce, and design content that appeals to viewers with the aid of a variety of applications. Being on these social media networks is much simpler, but posting regularly is necessary to stand out from the crowd among the intense competition and to shift algorithms.

3. Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing, we know it is a brand’s sponsored marketing technique, but hearing it from a professional (or even a relatable celebrity) encourages us to try it. Influencers subtly integrate the products into their posts, reels, or videos so that it doesn’t appear to be a straightforward product marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is effective in India for this reason. It is a highly creative way to expand your e-commerce website without having to spend as much money as you would have to on standard advertising channels.

Choose creators who fit your niche and have a significant impact and reach with their posts for effective and focused marketing.

4. Implement Seamless And International Online Payments Features

One of the essential criteria for a B2B e-commerce company trying to go worldwide is setting up payment methods. Payment options that accept international currencies and cross-border transactions are sufficient to draw customers worldwide. Owners of B2B companies might use the difficulty of managing international orders as a competitive advantage for an expanding worldwide enterprise. Digital solutions and online payments are gaining popularity in the post-pandemic digital environment. You can send and receive payments using various apps and extensions available on the market, which facilitate payments in many currencies. This is another method for gaining customers’ trust and paving the way for customer attraction and retention.

5. Improve Customer Service And Experience

To encourage people to accept online shopping, they must invent and deliver value-added services. Advanced analytics available today can follow customer journeys and assist firms in observing the conversion funnel. You will be able to obtain essential insights from this to understand what causes a cart to be abandoned or what causes sales to grow. This will eventually help you identify the areas of success and failure. Owners of businesses can implement essential changes and innovations to optimize the entire customer journey. These include keeping a clear and ad-free interface, an efficient checkout procedure, open and trustworthy delivery options, and much more.

6. Gain Insights Of Your B2B E-commerce Business 

Any B2B e-commerce company will gain popularity as long as it is simple for buyers and decision-makers to navigate. Here is where data comes into play. Excellent customer knowledge will always result in a positive outcome. On your e-commerce business, you may offer better value that produces favorable results. B2B companies may anticipate their customers’ demands and react appropriately by having a data-driven awareness of their profiles, journeys, and order habits. As a result of technological advancements, businesses today have access to cross-functional data about customer journeys, sales, etc. You can improve the online experience, attract more repeat customers, and boost customer lifetime value.

Wrapping Up

These are the best strategies you can use to expand your online store. Depending on your needs, you can choose any one of them or all of them. However, we advise you to continue experimenting with various marketing techniques before deciding which is most effective for you. If you want to build an e-commerce website for your business, feel free to contact us for e-commerce solutions.

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