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Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework

why laravel is the best php framework

What is Laravel ?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that delivers a free and open-source environment. Many websites – nearly 135,000 – were built on Laravel rather than other PHP frameworks. Laravel is considered a short learning curve, especially if you are already familiar with PHP. The Laravel web application development framework and its excellent Functions allow you to quickly develop new applications and websites with perfect and understandable code.

Features of Laravel

The blade allows easy use of the template engine and makes the writing syntax very easy. The blade templating engine offers its own structure, such as conditional statements and loops. To create a blade model, you just need to create a view file and save it with a.blade.php extension instead of a .php extension. Blade models are saved in the resources view directory. The main advantage of using the blade model is that we can create the main model, which can be extended with other files.

Authentication is the most important factor in a web application, and developers spend a lot of time writing the authentication code. Laravel makes authentication easier when Laravel is upgraded to Laravel 5. Laravel has a built-in authentication system, you just need to configure models, views and controllers for the application to work.

Application security is one of the most significant factors in the development of web applications. The PHP Laravel framework is capable of providing great security for web applications. In developing an application, a programmer needs to take effective ways to secure the application. Laravel has an inbuilt web application security. Passwords are never stored when you use this framework. This is because Laravel uses the hashed password.

Laravel is the preferred framework for web application developers because of its excellent unit testing capabilities. From a testing perspective, it is also known for its creative testing abilities. There are two ways to test your application in Laravel. One is unit testing and the other is functionality testing. Unit tests allow you to test your class models, controllers, etc., while feature tests allow you to test your code base.

MVC (Model View Controller)represents the architecture that developers use when building applications. The widely used MVC architecture is fully supported by Laravel for ease of use and modularity. It helps improve performance, allows better and faster documentation, and makes room for multiple functions.

In Laravel, migration makes it easy to share the database schema. It also makes the schema change much easier. It’s like creating a diagram once and then sharing it multiple times. This becomes very useful when you have multiple tables and columns, as it would reduce the work of manually creating the tables.

Laravel introduces a built-in tool called Artisan. The developer typically needs to interact with the Laravel framework using a command line that trains and manages the Laravel project ecosystem. This tool allows you to perform most of the monotonous and tedious programming tasks that most developers don’t do manually. The artisan can also create a code skeleton, structure the database and develop its migration, making the database system relatively simple to manage.

Laravel provides an authentic learning resource for new and experienced developers. The tutorials called Laracasts, Whether you are exploring a free video tutorial or a paid service, you can learn how to use Laravel. The learning instructions provided are precise, clear, and easy to understand, allow the creation and reproduction of training materials and facilitate the learning of this technological framework. The Laravel community is very active at all times. Developers around the world ask questions every few minutes and in most cases get quick answers as well. The community is especially useful for developers who want to learn from laracast. You can work on issues and resolve your questions from one place.

How Imagino can help?

The release of new versions of Laravel is equipped with more and more advanced features that ensure better functionality, scalability, security, and performance. If you are planning to develop a Web app, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of Laravel development. And if you need help or have any questions about Laravel, you can always contact us

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