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Razorpay vs Cashfree

cashfree vs razorpay

What Is A Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an online platform that allows merchants to accept payments from customers. The payment gateway allows credit card, debit card and UPI, digital wallets transactions. The number of users in payment gateways has rapidly increased. As per reports, the Indian digital payments’ industry is estimated to grow up to US$700 billion by 2022. There has a huge acceptance of cash-free transactions across the world. There are many payments gateways available now, razorpay and cashfree are most popular now, in India over 8 million businesses use Razorpay and 1,00,000+ businesses use cashfree.


Razorpay was founded by Harsil Mathur and Sashank Kumar in 2014.Razorpay is one of the popular payment gateways in India. Razorpay enable all the major payment debit card, credit card internet baking, UPI, EMI, and all popular wallets also you can make recruiting payment with them. The company ensures a fast, secure, hassle-free, and affordable payment gateway for Merchants and other empowered firms. With razopay small and large enterprises can easily accept payments in multiple ways like a credit card, debit card UPI, etc.Razorpay subscription has a UPI autopay feature, it is helping in the registered businesses where payments get easier for others from different apps.

Features of Razorpay

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Cashfree Payments was founded Akash and Reeju in 2015 as a payment gateway.Cashfree is an Indian Payment gateway that can accept payments from customers and make payouts. Now it is used by 500,00+ businesses for vendor payouts, wage payouts, bulk refunds, etc. Cashfree supports credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI. cashfree has a Solution called “Cashgram” it is an extension Payout system that enables merchants to send money to their user and vendors. Cashfree also supports several eCommerce CMS systems and has easy integrations for Shopify India, WooCommerce India, and Magneto.

Features of Cashfree

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Selecting the right payment gateway is an essential part of a business. While confirming a payment gateway, you have to ensure it fulfills your business needs and budget. are you looking for help to decide on a payment gateway for your business? feel free to contact imagino solutions for online payment solutions.

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